Blatchford Development Updates

Spring has sprung in Edmonton and Blatchford is gearing up for a busy construction season. Crews are back on site getting the community ready for the first stage of residential construction on the west side of the neighbourhood.

Work planned for this year includes installing a geo-exchange field under the first stormwater pond and the construction of the first Energy Centre for the District Energy Sharing System, which is an environmentally-friendly system that will provide heating, cooling and hot water to the buildings. Crews will also continue installing underground utilities, paving roads and building sidewalks.

The chance to live in the community is also getting closer as Blatchford continues the builder selection process. Last year, we started a two step competitive process to find builders who share our vision for beautiful and energy-efficient buildings. Blatchford is now preparing to move forward with the second part of the selection process to secure builders for the very first homes.

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Blatchford redefines community design

City Council has approved the first special area zones for the Blatchford community, making Blatchford one step closer to becoming one of the world’s largest sustainable communities.

“Building a community that functions and feels different than a typical neighbourhood requires examining every choice right from the beginning,” says Mark Hall, Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment. “At each step of the development process, including zoning, we are examining what we can do to create a community like no other in Canada.”

Some of the unique elements of the approved Blatchford zone include:

  • The building design in Blatchford will create an urban feel that contributes to a vibrant and unique street life. Ground floor residential units will have private entries facing directly onto the street to create a direct connection to the community.
  • Mixed-use buildings in residential areas will be zoned for small-scale retail only. Drive-throughs will not be permitted.
  • All residential and commercial parking will be located underground or at the rear of buildings. There will be no front driveways or garages.
  • Buildings will require double the amount of bicycle parking normally required.
  • Secondary and garage suites in the townhomes. In addition to increasing density in the community, the approved development of these suites in townhomes will help support Blatchford’s affordable housing goals.
  • Solar panels, rooftop decks and gardens.
  • Community gardens and greenhouses located in park spaces.

Construction of the first stage of development on the west side of the site is scheduled to begin later this year.

Council’s vision for Blatchford is to create a community with family-oriented housing, urban agriculture, enhanced urban design, improved affordability, and additional green space.

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