Meet The Kingsway Team

“Edmonton Kingsway” is the term that we use when we market the businesses within the Edmonton Kingsway District. We promote our area through ads and at tradeshows, encouraging people to Get and Stay Healthy in Kingsway.

“It Starts Right Here” in Edmonton Kingsway.  Whether you are a newborn just coming into the world at the Royal Alexandra Hospital or going for your first dental appointment, Edmonton Kingsway is the destination for a long and healthy lifestyle.  And while you are here, take time to visit one of our over 200 retail locations in the area or dine at one of our many restaurants to choose from.

Board of Directors 2017/2018

Scott Whitlow (KDA Chair)
Scott Whitlow (KDA Chair)Kingsway Business Center
Bob Lamoureux
Bob LamoureuxEnviroTech Aviation Inc.
Seana Almer
Seana AlmerKingsway Mall
Shawn French
Shawn FrenchRCMP K Division
Al Henry
Al HenryView Office Technology
Clifton Richard
Clifton RichardRoyal Alexandra Hospital/Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Ray Engelbertink
Ray EngelbertinkDealer / Canadian Tire
Jeff Liston
Jeff ListonAUM Hotel Group
Joe Gebran
Joe GebranGebran Enterprise Inc./McDonald's

The KDA Staff

Ellie Sasseville
Ellie SassevilleExecutive Director of the KDA
Cheryl Bedard
Cheryl BedardExecutive Assistant